Farouk Chi 2100 Professional 1800 Watt Rocket Low Emf Hair Dryer


All about Farouk Chi 2100 Professional 1800 Watt Rocket Low Emf Hair Dryer

The CHI Turbo 1800 watt hair dryer is a lightweight, quiet dryer utilizing ceramic technology, negative ions, far infrared and Low EMF to dry hair faster and leave hair shinier. Product Dimensions: 9 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches ; 2.2 pounds. Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S. Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies).

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Farouk Chi 2100 Professional 1800 Watt Rocket Low Emf Hair Dryer Price

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Cable Beach by Bryan Cossart

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We all know that when Facebook goes public this year Mark Zuckerberg will become very, very rich. But what else is going on here?

Infographic Of The Day: All About The 2012 Facebook IPO 

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Bonnie Devine
Don’t Tell Me series
Wax and wood, glass and letraset, fabric and thread

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Hi possible future date! 

I’m not sure if people would consider me “ a bit crazy”. But how about this… I’ll tell you what I did last night and you can judge for yourself ;)

I went to Gelson’s and picked up a yummy dinner - two bottles of malbec, pre-made tuna salad and rice crackers. Went  home, popped off my men’s Nike’s, unpacked the groceries (set them on my desk) and finished my work (looked at porn). 

It was 10PM when I realized that I was very drunk and my hands smelled like a gross pier on a sweltering day.  At this point in the evening, I had two options:

Option #1 - Go to bed 

Option #2 - Dance

Blame Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” and M83’s “Midnight City” forcing me onto my feet and shaking my ass like no one was watching (because no one was. I live alone).  I watched myself dance in a full length mirror, wearing a robe over my clothes, for about 30 minutes. Not sure if you’ve ever danced in a heavy robe over a flannel shirt and corduroys, but it can get hot really quick, so I got totally naked, marched in my bedroom and put on a silk party dress, panty hose and peep toe heels. Feeling amazing in an outfit too bold for an indoor lonely dance party was the fuel I needed to dance the night away. I hit shuffle on my iTunes and danced like a three year old at a wedding. The two bottles of wine sloshing through my system made it easy to make every song a dance hit -  Journey, Merle Haggard, episode one of Breaking Bad. 

But the night, she was a justa getting started! I flung my shoes off and into the floor lamp, grabbed my last glass of wine and my laptop, and headed into my bedroom for a little single lady alone time ;)

I laid on my bed, took off my pantyhose, then opened my laptop. I went to my gmail, did a quick search for sad/angry emails ex’s have sent me, then read them aloud while crying and apologizing for being a terrible human being. 

Next thing you know, it’s 8AM, my face is washed, the laptop is plugged in and all my clothes are put away. After I double checked that no pleading, sad emails were sent to anyone,  I put my yoga clothes on and walked to the gym like nothing ever happened. 

Anyway, I’d love to grab a drink if I sound like your dream woman. 

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After seeing that infamous video of a chain-smoking Indonesian toddler, Frieke Janssens created a photography series entitled ‘Smoking Kids,’ which displays tobacco-puffing kids of various backgrounds. 

Since smoking is a societal norm among adults, she decided to use children as her subjects to create a powerful imagery that has the viewer focus on the act of smoking itself rather than make assumptions about who’s doing it. Check out the rest of the series here.

p.s. Don’t fret! The cigarettes and smoke are from props! 

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Swan and the Bear, 2011 by artist Ola Volo. This submission is also somewhat of a scoop, as Ola writes:

Inspired by the collision of wild life and urban life in Vancouver, this piece is going to be featured on TransLink Buses and Skytrains as of February 2012.

So watch for the swan and the bear, coming to a bus near you! Thanks for the submission, Ola!

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Why do we assume that simple is good? Because with physical products, we have to feel we can dominate them. As you bring order to complexity, you find a way to make the product defer to you. Simplicity isn’t just a visual style. It’s not just minimalism or the absence of clutter. It involves digging through the depth of the complexity. To be truly simple, you have to go really deep. For example, to have no screws on something, you can end up having a product that is so convoluted and so complex. The better way is to go deeper with the simplicity, to understand everything about it and how it’s manufactured. You have to deeply understand the essence of a product in order to be able to get rid of the parts that are not essential.

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